Innovation – Finding that Competitive Advantage Through Employee Engagement

Sit long enough in a boardroom and the inevitable discussion emerges as out how to create greater competitive advantage. Typically, the group looks to the CEO or perhaps the research or marketing heads. There’s an expectation that they will conjure up and advantage through good research and creative flare.

And many do.

But for other companies, there’s a new way.

Imagine if you could tap into the hearts of your staff, especially those at the frontline and give them the challenge of making your business more competitive.

Employee engagement is more than just asking them of ways to improve.

It’s about giving them the problem and then a level of ownership to fix that problem.

For some that will sound far fetched, but as many organisations continue to struggle with low morale, or staff turnover, others are using employee engagement to gain true buy-in for building and growing companies.