Have You Heard About… Reduce Your Juice

This week I heard about City Smart’s gamification initiative that is targeting low-income, adult renters to help them reduce their energy usage.

They are only in the trial stage right now and are looking for 1000 participants to sign up and use their “Reduce your Juice” games to see just how well they work at changing behaviour.

I unfortunately do not meet the criteria, so I can’t sign up first hand to check it out, but the initiative tweaked my interest and I will be following it to see how it goes.

Gamification is tool we are very interested in community engagement. In this case, from what I’ve seen so far it looks like gamification is being used in a clever and relevant way, to achieve outcomes that are great for both the gamer (long term learn skills to save money on their power bill) and the provider (lessen the impact on the power grid and help lower income households live within their means).

They already have more than 75% of the needed participants signed up. If you know someone who just might fit the bill, here’s the link to register

If you are a nerd like me and want to know more about the project, visit City Smart