Community Engagement Toolkit for Planning

In 2017, the Minister’s Guidelines and Rules under the new Planning Act 2016 came into effect.  These changes prescribe a higher level of engagement and for earlier engagement to be done by local governments.

They also require that the communications plan (comprising communications and engagement) must be “prepared having regard to the department’s Community Engagement Toolkit for Planning”.

Articulous Communications and Leisa Prowse Consulting worked on the development of the Community Engagement Toolkit for Planning with DILGP.

Some key points to consider if you’re a state department, state agency, local council or a developer:

  • The new Queensland Planning Act provides community and key stakeholders the opportunity to actively contribute to the planning process in a manner that is effective, inclusive and respectful of local values.
  • The Community Engagement Toolkit builds upon the good work done by local government and provides a central location for information about current trends in engagement techniques, the benefit of tools when engaging with the community about planning and development assessment, as well as relevant case studies.
  • Cities that have embraced opportunities for the community and key stakeholders to actively contribute to the planning process have succeeded in building places that are celebrated for their enhanced livability, prosperity and inclusiveness.
  • Councils that already use best practice engagement strategies have seen the important role they play in building rapport with their community as well as improving investment and community confidence.
  • It provides a framework that supports efficient, consistent and confident decision-making.

Over time, the kit will be recognised as the main repository for leading practice community engagement in Queensland for the planning system

As Australia’s preeminent community engagement consultancy, Articulous Communications, led by founder and managing director Amanda Newbery, has developed a number of frameworks and policies in engagement at local, state and national levels.

This includes:

  • co-developing key pieces of the intellectual property now embedded in the international quality assurance standards for engagement and the Australian certificate course
  • developing the national online engagement program that has been used by councils and governments for the past three years
  • co-developing the Victorian government’s framework for engaging in the waste sector for MWRRG

Articulous Communications is on the preferred supplier lists for state and local government agencies in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and New Zealand.

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