How can I create a Pokemon world for my project?

Pokemon GO has turned the world nuts. It’s been blamed for car crashes, delinquency, traffic jams and more.

It’s officially the biggest online craze to hit the real world. And has brought the augmented world to the mainstream public.

AR (Augmented Reality) uses technology to create computer-generated images or videos which are laid over the top of real life. Animals, people, fictional characters or text are viewed through a smart phone, tablet or computer camera and seem to exist all around us. This world that we see through our phones is called an “augmented reality”.

At Articulous, we’ve been using AR for many years.

We were the first in Australia to create an AR and virtual reality mobile app for a Council planning scheme. This pioneering technology won multiple awards in the planning sector and within government, and heralded a new era of bringing complex regulatory documents to life.

Today, we’re working with AR to:

  • Create a vision of a sustainable future, without as many cars, with green roofs and streets
  • Create walking tours of places
  • Illustrate the stories of refugees

We’re digital natives.

We get technology. It’s integrated into everything we do. How we work. How we talk. How we see the world.

And, it’s not scary, or daunting.

It’s just how we work.

Augmented reality is no longer a future reality. It’s the reality of today

And if that’s blown your mind, then think about what we’re producing this year for our clients.

  • Avatars that the public can create to describe what they want for the future
  • Animated videos to describe complex policy-making processes
  • Animations for reporting
  • Interactive images of major developments, that potential buyers can click on and be transported to a future place, or a video or a person
  • Virtual reality pieces using immersive panoramas
  • And data-driven communication that responds to people’s real time