6 Reasons why using Social Media at Work isn’t all bad

We’ve heard it all before, we spend way too much time on social media (I know I’m guilty). In fact, the average Australian spends 1.7 hours on Facebook every day (Nielson), and with 15 million of us with an account, that’s a lot of hours.

The vast majority have no doubt checked their social media accounts at some point during work hours, some legitimately, others with a twang of guilt. However, there are legitimate reasons why we may use social media for work, at work and during work hours.

  1. Social media platforms are becoming more popular for businesses who are seeking ways to better connect with and share information with employees. These platforms are designed to stimulate knowledge and discussion and put people in touch (think Yammer and Jive).
  2. LinkedIn is a professional networking tool that involves, you guessed it, work. There’s nothing wrong with reading up on your industry and profession and sharing articles and insight with colleagues, as long as you have the nod from the boss. Leave the job hunting for home.
  3. If you attend conferences, events, training or anything moderately interesting for work, get Tweeting and share your newfound knowledge and insight. It’s a great way to show interest in what you’re doing, connect with others who share that interest and build a following.
  4. Blogging is huge, and anyone can do it. People who want to appear knowledgeable or stand out from the crowd, blog. It takes time and effort to become a blogger, but this can payoff with business leads and new connections.
  5. It’s 2016 and businesses who aren’t on social media are … (um who are these people?). By providing protocols and boundaries for employees to use social media when it comes to the business, you’ll avoid confusion.
  6. Social media is a great way to reach people, whether it be through campaigns or organically. Employees can get involved by sharing, promoting and encouraging the word through their own social accounts. Employees will feel liberated knowing they can legitimately use social media for work.