5 simple tricks to turn ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ and get your campaign off the ground

While communicators are intuitive when it comes to delivering successful campaigns, your campaign can be stopped in its tracks before you’ve had time to gather the team for a motivational high-five. It’s the same old story: not enough money; too little time; it might not work; it’s a bit ‘out there’.

A few simple tricks can help overcome these road blocks and get your campaign off the ground.

  1. Focus on budget – Plan tactics that have multiple uses and are the most cost effective. For example, you may develop online content which can be translated easily to newsletters, blogs, and social media. Keep the content tight and focus on the objectives of the campaign.
  1. Know everyone and everything – Talk to people often. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn as much as you can. Find out what others think about your strategy and importantly, who will support you. Understand their motivations and expectations and work with them. Your circles will widen and people will value your contribution.
  1. Keep on top of timeframes – Be realistic with goals and prioritise activities accordingly. You might have big dreams, but starting with the quick wins will ensure you gain traction early on. You might for example launch a teaser social media campaign which is quick and affordable. Bring staff on board and gain traction early on. 
  1. Win over executives and clients – Develop a business case and demonstrate a return on investment to leave little doubt in the minds of executives and clients that the campaign is important and provides outstanding value for money.
  1. Make the most of rapidly changing technology – Digital and social media are constantly changing and you’ll need to invest time to keep up-to-date. Take a training course, follow influencers online, and use newfound tools in your campaigns. You’ll look and feel like a pro in no time.

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