2015 New Year’s Resolutions for Communication Professionals

New Year’s Resolutions for communication professionals – Articulous

Ah, January. A time for making New Year’s Resolutions. February – a time for breaking them!

If you want to make a New Year’s Work Resolution for your communications job that will make your working year simpler, and a resolution you’re likely to stick to, then consider one of these:

  1. Don’t check your email first thing in the morning – It’s tempting, but you’ll only get sidetracked. Instead, tackle that big project on your to do list. The one which will take away your biggest stress.
  1. Use a cloud-based app for your “to do” list that the whole communication team can share. Consider an app like Trello where you can track individual and team tasks.
  1. Delete, delete, delete – Most communication professionals are information hoarders. And most of it is not needed. Clear out the files, delete old versions, archive.
  1. Introduce version control for documents – Nothing is more inefficient than searching through old versions. There are lots of great hosting systems that can do this for you like Australian-based edocx, or Google Docs.
  1. Use collaborative document editing – Our team works across Australia and New Zealand so we’re not always in the same room. But we can work collaboratively on live documents as if we’re working side by side. Google Docs is by far the easiest.
  1. Know your numbers – Ok, we’re all word people, but modern-day communications and engagement professionals need to be numbers people too. Get to know your data. Google Analytics is a must for website statistics. Twitter also introduced new features just before Christmas Eve that will tell you who is reading your tweets and when. There’s also a host of tools to analyse your team’s work capacity and utilization rates.
  1. Celebrate Successes – in a work world where it’s always busy, it’s easy to forget to celebrate. But make the time to recognize big and small wins.
  1. Get creative – Use visualization, virtual reality and interactive tools or software to bring your content to life.

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