Central West Health Hospital and Health Service Engagement Strategy

The challenge

Central West Hospital and Health Service (CWHHS) held two strategic planning days facilitated by Articulous with members of the CWHHS Board, Executive Leadership Team, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Council and key consumer representatives.  The purpose of the strategic planning days was to:

  • Review performance against the current consumer engagement strategy – Your Health, Our Community
  • Seek feedback on positive outcomes and challenges
  • Identify opportunities to improve cultural appropriateness of consumer engagement initiatives
  • Action plan for the review of the strategy in 2020 and develop a new engagement strategy.

The outcome

Articulous co-designed the workshops with Central West HHS and explored themes relating to:

  • Partnerships – Encouraging stronger partnerships with communities, consumers, other organisations to deliver high quality health services
  • Placed based models of care – Engaging to determine models of care that work best for individual communities
  • Consumer activation – Encouraging an active role by consumers in delivering improved health services across the region
  • Performance improvements – Measuring and improving our performance in engagement

Participants were engaged through workshop activities including live polling and one minute pitches. Priority actions were identified and a new engagement strategy developed.

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