As Australia responds to COVID-19, we’re acutely aware of your need to increasingly reach out to community members and stakeholders.

In times of crisis, people expect more communication and more engagement. Our ability to keep in contact with people is critical to their welfare, and for imparting crucial information.

At Articulous, we know our clients are trying to quickly adapt to deliver their engagement or communication projects when people are practising social distancing.

Rest assured, Articulous has been digitally engaging with clients and stakeholders for many years. In fact we wrote the industry-standard digital engagement training program five years ago. And last year we ran live digital forums across regional Queensland on recycling, across NSW on flying foxes, and across Australia for the National Digital Health forum. We’ve developed online games, crisis management portals, an online film competition, and campaigns that have actively engaged 10% of a city population.

We have also been involved in developing global standards for civic innovation using technology by governments. Together, we can help you continue to connect with communities in a way that’s safe and which attracts the right attention.

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Our online +

digital services

The Articulous-owned online and digital engagement training program has been the industry-standard course delivered in classrooms through the International Association for Public Participation from 2015 to 2019.

And now we’ve taken it online for both public and in-house training programs. It makes sense really!

Our online training programs have been developed and are delivered by engagement professionals who are digital natives. They understand how to use digital tools and how to analyse them.

Engagement and

  • Strategy development and planning
  • Online engagement strategies
  • Virtual engagement facilitation
  • Independent analysis and reporting, using Ai and specialised software
  • Live data analysis

Crisis management

  • Crisis management strategies and crisis handling
  • Crisis desktops – delivered virtually
  • Message development
  • Media management

Creative and
Interactive design

  • Public education and communication campaigns
  • Website or digital information portals
  • Develop digital engagement tools to increase participation


  • Exploring engagement
  • Frontline engagement
  • Digital and online engagement
  • Engagement for elected officials
  • A range of masterclasses in: Codesign, Advisory groups, Evaluation, Digital facilitation


Digital engagement training

Exploring engagement

Dates: As required

A three hour introductory training to provide initial insights into community and stakeholder engagement:

  • Describe the benefits of engagement for organisations, stakeholders and communities
  • Share best practice engagement examples
  • Explore different types of engagement
  • Share different tools and methods to engage such as live polling, co-design, augmented reality and world-cafes!

Online and digital engagement training (two x half day programs)

We’re technology agnostic. That means we’re not a software developer promoting its own engagement platform. We can however inform you about the platforms on offer.

Frontline engagement training (half day)

Dates: As required

Ideally suited to technical staff such as engineers, customer services officers or field workers, this course provides insights into what engagement is all about, what to do when you become the “channel” for community feedback and provides some tips for how to work with challenging customers.

  • Understand meaningful feedback opportunities and best practice
  • Explore key concepts and elements for effective engagement
  • Identify how to communicate effectively in the moment
  • Apply strategies for managing difficult conversations

Engagement for elected officials

Delivered to Councils, or State and Federal MPs as required

A three session introduction program designed for newly elected Councillors.

Covers best practice guidelines and approaches, and discusses critical knowledge for elected officials. Download PDF

  • Session 1: The fundamentals of quality community engagement
  • Session 2: Project planning and budgeting
  • Session 3: Tough decisions and ways to engage

Digital presentation skills

Dates: As required. Recommend a minimum of two sessions, allowing for professional development between sessions.

Our former journalists and advisors will train you in:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Mastering your public or corporate persona (credibility, likeability, authority, personality)
  • Live recording and assessment
  • Five key tips to delivering complex or complicated information
  • Answering Q&As

Masterclass series:

CoDesign; Advisory groups; Digital facilitation; Evaluation

Participate in an Articulous masterclass (in-house or online) to explore:

  • When to employ it
  • How to best use it
  • Tips for excellence
  • What to avoid and the common mistakes
  • Practical examples and case studies!

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