Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Options Analysis

As one of Australia’s fastest growing regions, Sunshine Coast Regional Council needed to explore a suite of mass transit options to reduce pressure on the local road network.

Articulous developed and delivered a comprehensive program of engagement activities that actively sought comment from a diverse range of residents.

Activities included:

  • Community-wide online survey (including a paper-based version)
  • Series of pop-up consultation stands
  • Enquiry by Design workshop
  • Intergenerational Forum
  • Special Interest Groups workshop
  • Community roundtable discussion
  • Program of school briefings
  • Range of meetings and briefings

Participants included:

  • Sunshine Coast residents
  • Sunshine Coast property owners
  • Community organisations
  • First Nations Representatives
  • The property industry
  • The transport industry
  • The business community
  • Environmental interest groups
  • The aged-care sector
  • The elderly
  • Youth
  • Accessibility representative groups
  • Visitors to the region

Articulous’s final engagement report synthesised these various inputs into ten key findings and fourteen recommendations that informed the final mass transit options report.