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Designed Especially for Australia’s
Communications and Community Engagement Sectors

Connecting with communities can be difficult. Especially for complex projects, infrastructure or new projects.

It’s even harder to connect with disinterested or fatigued communities, or with young people.

Articulous' experienced senior project managers can help you get more eyes on your project, and more minds understanding what you're doing, with our cutting-edge digital communications tools and strategies. 

Our work includes:

  • An Australian-first in mapping community values using computer-generated avatars
  • Community surveying using visuals, videos and participatory budgeting
  • Augmented reality for planning in economic development, water and land-use

You need to show people what could be a reality

It’s hard to educate or excite people with just words

You need a new way for communities to “see, touch and feel” your vision or project


Immersive Panoramas

Immersive Panoramas provide a 360 degree view of any physical or computer generated environment, including interiors and exteriors.

Users simply hold their iPhone or iPad and look through a dedicated website to see an image. By using the built-in Gyroscope and Accelerometer, you can interact with the image.

By moving your phone or device, you can move around a space, zoom in and through rooms, look up and down.

This technology also offers a more accurate impression of a space because it doesn’t use typical camera distortions such as field of view and focal length. 

Click here to visit Toondah Harbour virtually.

Realtime 3D

Realtime 3D  provides a unique experience where users are able to navigate their own way through a streetscape, urban centre or individual building.

Users can “roam” through a street or building, free to walk up to and investigate areas of interest to them.

In comparison, traditional videos or 3D flythroughs are linear and do not provide users with the freedom to navigate where and how they want to.

Augmented Reality. It's Hands-on. It's 3D. It's Interactive.

AR is a system of visualisation that relies on recognition of markers or tiles to display a 3D object in-situ.

Community members and stakeholders can hold one of the specially-designed cards in their hand, and by using their mobile phone, iPad or computer, appear to be holding a 3D building or piece of infrastructure in their hand. They can build walls, look through windows and turn the building around to see it from all directions.

This system of visualisation has proven to be far more appealing than traditional architectural plans or still renders.

3D Visualisation or Augmented Reality has the power to transform your project


We work with our IT and planning partners to design and tailor a solution for your project, at a price which is surprisingly affordable.

Consultancy projects might range from $2,000 to $10,000 for small to mid-sized projects.

Even complex projects are significantly more affordable than  traditional visualisation techniques.

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