Our approach to improving the experiences of your customers combines design thinking, human-centred design and co-design principles and allows you to better meet the needs of your customers through new or improved products or services.

Using our six-step customer experience methodology, our Customer Experience Service can be tailored for your company regardless of their size and delivered within 12 weeks or less.

Our customer experience methodology

The six steps to better understanding your customers to ensure your business is meeting their needs.

1. Listen to your customers to better understand them.

To begin the process, we go and listen to your customers using an evidence-based approach. This allows us to better understand what your customers are looking for and how you are meeting their needs. We also look at your business needs and experiences and balance them against those identified by your customers.

2. Define your customer needs.

In this stage, we develop customer personas and journey maps to make it easier for you to visualise and make sense of your customers and their experiences. We then work with you on what are the most pressing customer needs to address.

3. Look at new ways of doing things.

Once we have a better idea of you and your customers, we look at generating creative yet practical ideas with your customers through a series of focus groups or customer interviews which can be done either in person or online.

4. Give you solutions.

Using the information gathered from the focus groups and interviews we develop early concepts that will improve your product or service that also align to your business realities.

5. Make sure they work.

This is the exciting part of the process where everything comes together, and you can see the new products or services that have been developed to meet your business objectives and your customers’ needs. To make sure everything works, we go back to your customers to test their reactions to your new solution.

6. Launch.

After testing reactions to your new solution and making changes based on the feedback received, we provide you with strategic advice and support you need, giving you the confidence to launch your new solution knowing it will meet the needs of not only your customers, but also your business.

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