UQ Sport Engage

The challenge

Almost 1,500 people took part in UQ Sport Engage, initiated to better understand the role of UQ Sport in the community, the needs of stakeholders, and to help guide future strategic planning.

UQ Sport Engage set a benchmark for future engagement to drive organisational change, monitor performance and meet community needs and expectations.

Our action

The engagement strategy was built on three key themes including:

  • Awareness – knowledge of UQ Sport’s facilities and services; drive to participate and motivation to interact.
  • Relationship – quality and state of relationships; trust in UQ Sport; shared values and beliefs.
  • Participation and Expectation– use of facilities and services; satisfaction levels; future use, current and future communication; improving the quality of facilities and services.

How it happened

Digital engagement was key in attracting the interest of a young university cohort. The interactive play dough survey attracted a strong crowd, asking participants to get hands on and select responses to a survey by touching play dough shapes.

The outcome

The digital survey had over 1000 responses with 100% completion rate, a resounding success.

The engagement was meaningful, easy-to-access, open, forward-focused, responsive, diverse and fun.

black background with white drawings of sports equipment with a green speech bubble thats says how do you sport?