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Engaging on Transport Infrastructure

“I’ve been yelled at. Threatened. Spat at. Cried at. I’ve felt in danger. I’ve felt frightened. I’ve felt exhausted.” That’s how one colleague has described her life as an engagement manager on a major road construction job.

But it’s her perfect job.

“I get to really make a difference. I get to say, come on, how are we going to get through this together.” By now she’s smiling. “I get to make a real difference.”

When it comes to engagement, there are the projects that lift up spirits or inspire us. And there are the jobs where it’s just hard work.

Road and rail construction is tough. It’s about telling people that their land is being resumed. Or that they’ll have to live with 18 months of noisy, dusty construction and when it’s all done, that the road will still be there. It’s about listening, and being empathetic. It’s about validating the concerns and frustrations of community members.

So what do you do when the project is going ahead and there’s only a handful of things we can ask the community to provide input on?

Here are the things that matter most when there are few negotiables.

  • Empathy – No, you can’t shift the road. But you can shift the way people feel. You can listen to them, understand, and let them know it’s hard.
  • Documentation – It’s critical to document needs, and your own commitments. Nothing could be worse for a stakeholder than having their comments lost.
  • Supporting verbal conversations with written materials – When you’re telling someone that you’re going to resume their property or take away their privacy or outlook, it’s a shock. It’s a swirl of white noise. It’s feeling lost and frightened and confused. Unless there’s a take home, then it’s impossible to remember. It’s the critical time to get the facts right and to offer support.
  • The little things can make the biggest difference – Ok, so you still can’t move the road, but you can help community members to find help, to relocate, to understand how to ask for construction workers to be mindful of their children and neighbourhood.


It’s a celebrity… get ME outta here!

When it comes to reality TV, celebrities sell. But when it comes to facilitation, sticking a celebrity out front won’t fool ‘em. And you might pay dearly for the mistake.

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Why staff, stakeholders and community are better at innovation: 5 Insights

The development of new app that will streamline compliance processes costs and save millions to an energy organisation, creation of a centralised system to map capability to automate HR processes, financial commitment by disparate parties to create a regional ecosystem to drive innovation on the ground. In working across innovation, digital economies and smart city work across the country, here are 5 key insights.

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Project E

Here at Articulous we have been working on a very exciting start up project which promises to be a game-changer in the world of engagement and evaluation.

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Why an Ethical Approach to Engagement is Critical

Ethics in engagement is vital. We need ethics to keep the process open, honest, inclusive, far-reaching, respectful, fair, collaborative, and informative. Without ethics, people lose faith in the engagement process, they don’t trust it, they feel used, marginalised, unheard and irrelevant.

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Why exploring digital trends and applying intuition works

To be noticed in today’s avalanche of information, businesses need to engage an audience within seconds. This means cutting through by being intuitive, innovative and truly understanding the audience. Finding fast ways to communicate and using engaging content is essential. Digital strategies are now a big part of this.

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Does Online Community Engagement just mean having a Facebook page?

It can, but it doesn’t have to. There are heaps of tools, here are just some and how they’re being used.

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Changing the Cycle of Negativity

There are times in most projects when participants can simply be tired. This can sometimes be referred to as a cycle of negativity.

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The Perceived Influence of the Daily Newspaper not in Proportion with its Readership

The perceived influence of the daily newspaper is out of proportion with the volume of its readership and numbers are dropping. However some editors and journalists would still have you believe that they are the sole king and queen-makers in our modern society.

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Are we getting the Engagement Expectation Right?

“…This session is part of what will be ongoing engagement with industry and the community about the project. We want to involve the industry and community in the project. But this isn’t some all empowering engagement thing…”

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When is the Right Time to Engage?

Knowing when to engage can make the difference between getting a great turnout of people who wish to engage and getting a big turnout of people who are angry at the lack of time they have to participate in the process!

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The Power of Words; A very real Case Study on the word Sorry

In both engagement and communications the word sorry is one that is greatly under utilised.

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Engagement: Building an Ecosystem so your Community can Thrive

We have been fortunate of late to be involved in some exciting projects to help shape government policy.

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Engagement Frameworks: Why they are worth the investment

In recent times we have noticed that there has been strong support from organisations that are investing in their engagement processes to develop engagement frameworks.

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Why Is Outrage In Public Discourse Acceptable?

It seems to me that outrage, confected or otherwise is being seen as a completely legitimate tool in public discourse.

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How Do You Solve A Problem Like ….? Dealing With Workplace Bullying.

Have you ever been the victim of workplace bullying? What exactly is workplace bullying anyway and how would you know if you have suffered from it?

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If You’re Not At The Dinner Table You Might Be On The Menu

In IAP2 and community engagement land there is a great saying that goes along the lines of; if you’re not at the dinner table you might be on the menu.

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Community Engagement Versus Stakeholder Engagement

Over the past few months of IAP2 training there have been some very interesting discussions about community versus stakeholder engagement.c

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