Community Engagement Toolkit

The challenge

Articulous Communications worked on the early development of the Community Engagement Toolkit for Planning with Leisa Prowse Consulting and the Queensland Department of Infrastructure Local Government and Planning.

This toolkit was developed to encourage genuine community engagement in the planning process and help Queensland councils engage with their communities about planning in a meaningful and open manner.

Since many local governments in Queensland had already developed, or were in the process of developing, community engagement toolkits another project objective was to work with these existing toolkits by providing, and capturing, specific advice about engagement processes and tools.

Our action

Articulous worked on the Toolkit with the Department and then implemented a state-wide program to create awareness and education about the toolkit to enable successful implementation within the Queensland Government and local councils.

How it happened

In 2018, Articulous conducted a state-wide roadshow across DSDMIP offices, and throughout local councils (as the request of the Minister and Director General) to:
● Create awareness of the toolkit
● Embed skills to deliver against the toolkit requirements

The outcome

Throughout 2018, Articulous proved capacity building on the toolkit throughout Queensland to planners within DSDMIP. The project was so successful within the first two months that the Minister invited planners from all local councils to attend additional training programs.

Over time, the toolkit will be recognised as the main repository for leading practice community engagement in Queensland for the planning system.

community engagement toolkit for planning