This one-day course is designed for professionals who want to improve their skills in engaging with influence.

By the end of course, you will have the skills to enhance your professional impact, presence and ability to influence decision makers about the value of engagement.

Whether you want to step up to more complex engagement, work with different types of stakeholders, or go beyond the ‘usual’ engagement, this course can help you:

  • Build your professional credibility to become a go-to person amongst your peers, senior staff and community members
  • Grow your toolset to effect long-lasting change, no matter where you currently work

What’s in it for you?

By the end of course you’ll understand:

  • Why it’s critical to understand the meaning of your communication
  • How everyone’s map of the world is different, and what that means for your work
  • What you might need to change in your own approach so you can have the influence you want
  • What personal credibility really is and how you can ramp up your own
  • How status, and the perception of it, is critical to your own ability to influence outcomes
  • What it takes to be a successful influencer
  • How to influence inside and outside your organisation

And much more…

Best-in-class training in engaging with influence

Using a mix of field-leading research and practical experience, you will learn how to:

  • Develop your credibility for real engagement
  • Build relationships with people who have different status levels to your own
  • Tailor your approach to the decision-making style of key stakeholders
  • Identify and practice skills and techniques to build your credibility when it really matters
  • Create your own action plan for engagement

Your trainer: Alice Sherring

Articulous trainer Alice Sherring is a qualified town planner and is licensed by IAP2 Australasia to deliver a range of engagement courses. She has also developed courses in consultation with IAP2.

With more than a decade of experience training, facilitating and managing complex engagement processes in Australia and the USA, Alice is an award-winning dynamic facilitator and innovative stakeholder engagement specialist.

She has trained thousands of practitioners from federal, state, metropolitan, county, and local government levels; across diverse sectors including health, education, community, non-profit, energy, mining, transportation, natural resources management, planning, and environment.

Articulous trainer i stakeholder enhagement Alice Sherring

Training participants say...

Training participant
“Relatable, incredibly knowledgeable, willing to indulge in specifics that made sense to councillors, let us have the freedom to explore our own ideas but kept us on track.”
Training participant
“Alice is super supportive and brings everyone’s ideas and inputs into the course, and provides relevance.”
Training participant
Very engaging, insightful, welcoming. Alice provided an open safe space to explore a very complex topic in a very personal and meaningful way.
Training participant
Really informative and helpful. Positive, practical, provided good strategies for difficult situations.

This course stands alone or can form part of the IAP2 Certificate of Engagement. No previous study is needed.