Essentials of Engagement

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1 day course

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Course overview

Essentials of Engagement is the leading introduction to engagement course in Australasia. It’s the first, pre-requisite, course in IAP2 Australasia’s Certificate in Engagement.

You will learn the key concepts and process in IAP2s Engagement Model. By the end of the course you will understand what steps you and your organisation need to take to effectively use the IAP2 model. The course was developed by Australasian engagement professionals and reflects best practice in the Australasian context.

Essentials of Engagement introduces the industry standard models.

While the course stands alone as a strong introduction to engagement practice, it also introduces models and practices that you can explore further by completing the Australasian Certificate of Engagement.

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20 participants only.
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What you’ll learn

  • ^How to define and apply engagement practices
  • ^Understand the different uses of engagement
  • ^The IAP2 Community Engagement Model – what it is and how it can shape your engagement for success
  • ^How engagement benefits your stakeholders and the community
  • ^The Five Essential steps in planning your next engagement and how you can immediately apply the model to your own projects.

Practical skills

  • ^Design a simple community/stakeholder engagement activity, justifying decisions about why, when, and how to engage
  • ^Assess the community and stakeholder factors that shape engagement
  • ^Assess the core elements for effective engagement: context, people, scope, purpose and influence
  • ^Identify emerging engagement practice e.g. participatory budgeting or ‘gamification’
  • ^Identify your own role in engagement and your learning needs.

We will also myth-bust what you think you know about the industry standard models, and share practical tips for what they mean for your project.

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Who is this course for?

Essentials of Engagement is great for people who:

  • ^are just starting out in engagement want to improve their understanding and get some helpful hints
  • ^have more than 20+ years of engagement experience and want to check in with the latest industry trends.


  • ^8:30am – 4:30pm (includes 30-minute technical onboarding and breaks)
  • ^Online delivery using Zoom (you can join online and don’t need to install anything)
  • ^Training scenarios
  • ^Course material including the templates and tools for each stage

This course stands alone or can form part of the IAP2 Certificate of Engagement. No previous study is needed.

Training participants say…

I can’t speak highly enough of Amanda. She was so generous with her expertise and real life experiences. This really helped me absorb the material. She is a powerful presenter and presented the materials in a compelling manner, an excellent trainer who created an inclusive and safe space to interact and learn.

“Incredible training experience. This is a conversation we all need to have. This course should be mandatory.”

Very engaging, insightful, welcoming. Alice provided an open safe space to explore a very complex topic in a very personal and meaningful way.

Training participant

“Alice delivered exactly what I didn’t know I needed to know.”

Training participant

“Eye and ear opening. A string of valuable questions asked that push your boundaries, sometimes uncomfortably, but with real meaning and lessons learnt.”

Trainers Alice Sherring and Amanda Newbery sitting on the couch

Your trainers

Alice Sherring

With more than a decade of experience developing innovative stakeholder engagement strategies for complex projects, Alice is a highly sought-after facilitator, trainer and strategist.

An experienced trainer, Alice is known for her ability to clearly articulate and explore complex concepts and problems with diverse groups. Alice has provided executive coaching services for managers and executives in Queensland.

Amanda Newbery

Amanda is an international award-winning engagement and communications expert who has led multiple ground-breaking projects. Widely recognised for her ability to quickly understand attitudes, perceptions and markets, Amanda leads a team of senior professionals at Articulous, the award-winning company she founded.

Amanda is a high-energy facilitator who can inspire innovation and deftly bring people to consensus. Her passion makes her a highly sought-after speaker.