IAP2 Design and Plan Engagement

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Course overview

Face-to-face – Brisbane CBD (2 full days)

Design and Plan Engagement gets you past day one of your engagement project and into successful engagement.

It takes a deep dive into the IAP2 Design, Plan, Manage Model and through to writing your engagement plan.

Essentials introduced you to the key concepts and models. Over two consecutive days, this course takes you further to make sure you can evolve as a professional as your communities and organisations expectations continue changing.

You must complete IAP2 Essentials of Engagement before you can enrol in this course. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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What you’ll learn

  • ^Learn what you need in your next engagement plan
  • ^See how the engagement process should come together
  • ^Know what should be done first, and next
  • ^Understand the five core elements of a strong engagement platform
  • ^Design your engagement process to inform the technical work. This makes sure the outputs from your engagement process are useable, helpful and meet everyone’s needs

Practical skills


It’s the thing we all need to do, and often the one that’s most difficult to do meaningfully. Because engagement is all ‘soft’ skills, right? In IAP2 Design and Plan, you’ll learn what you need to evaluate, how to do it effectively, and when you need it done. You’ll build it right into your engagement plan, from the beginning.

Design, plan, manage the engagement

This is the framework that guides your engagement process from initial steps to successful conclusion. Understand:

  • ^The structure of successful engagement
  • ^The five steps of each stage and how to plan your engagement sequence
  • ^ The influence and roles of your stakeholders in decision making
  • ^ The resources you’ll need.
Understand the drivers of engagement
  • ^Who is making the decisions? Local, state or federal government? Community groups? Organisations?
  • ^Who are those decisions impacting?
  • ^How do you balance those roles and responsibilities?
Manage risk and delivery
  • ^Understand how to identify and mitigate the risks in any engagement process, using our risk management framework.
  • ^Learn how to monitor the effectiveness of the plan and methods – and evaluate them
  • ^And finally, learn how to elicit and share the lessons learned throughout the project.

We will also myth-bust what you think you know about the industry standard models, and share practical tips for what they mean for your project.

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Who is this course for?

This two-day course is for anyone who needs to understand how to design and implement engagement projects. If you lead, create or manage projects, programs of approaches to engage communities or organisations, this course will give you the critical practices and tools you need to understand exactly how to reach the people you need to.

If you’ve completed IAP2 Essentials of Engagement and are looking for your next step, this is it. Whether you already have engagement as part of your role, or you’re being asked to broaden your role, Design and Plan Engagement can give you the key skills and tools to support your professional growth.


  • ^8:30am – 4:30pm (includes morning, lunch and afternoon breaks)
  • ^Prerequisites: To complete 'IAP2 Design and Plan Engagement', participants must have completed 'IAP2 Essentials of Engagement'.
  • ^Training scenarios
  • ^Course material including the templates and tools for each stage

Training participants say…

“Highly recommend Amanda – she was a fabulous, engaging and informative tutor, very engaging and is the best facilitator I have had throughout the engagement certificate units.”

“Incredible training experience. This is a conversation we all need to have. This course should be mandatory.”

Yesterday I went to bed later than I am used to. Not because I had insomnia, but because I was participating in the brilliant #digitalengagement webinar
promoted by Articulous Communications in Australia, and lead by Alice Sherring.

I have to say, it was amazing!! It made me change my way of understanding digital engagement. I now believe it CAN be as powerful as offline #communityengagement. It can even produce better results, especially for engaging with #GenZ and for effectively “meeting people where they are”.

Let’s be clear: digital engagement is NOT only #Zoom and #SocialMedia. I’m impressed with the strategic view of the digital engagement tools presented
in the webinar.
I can’t wait to know more about it! Alice and Articulous Communications,
thank you very much for this experience!

Aline Faiwichow Estefam - Training participant

“Excellent experience exploring, revisiting and considering how we engage with and reach hardly reached groups!”

Very engaging, insightful, welcoming. Alice provided an open safe space to explore a very complex topic in a very personal and meaningful way.

Training participant
Trainers Alice Sherring and Amanda Newbery sitting on the couch

Your trainers

Alice Sherring

With more than a decade of experience developing innovative stakeholder engagement strategies for complex projects, Alice is a highly sought-after facilitator, trainer and strategist.

An experienced trainer, Alice is known for her ability to clearly articulate and explore complex concepts and problems with diverse groups. Alice has provided executive coaching services for managers and executives in Queensland.

Amanda Newbery

Amanda is an international award-winning engagement and communications expert who has led multiple ground-breaking projects. Widely recognised for her ability to quickly understand attitudes, perceptions and markets, Amanda leads a team of senior professionals at Articulous, the award-winning company she founded.

Amanda is a high-energy facilitator who can inspire innovation and deftly bring people to consensus. Her passion makes her a highly sought-after speaker.