Redland City Council

The challenge

Local council strives to engage community on long-term planning in a way that gets people interested

Our action

Communication engagement strategy and 3D visualisation application

How it happened

Engaging with communities on long-term planning is hard.

Getting most people excited, even interested, about council planning is really challenging. Yet it is essential to gather and incorporate locals’ ideas, concerns and perspectives.

What’s more, asking people to picture how a 2D detailed plan from an architect or engineer will look in reality is an almost unrealistic expectation.

Redland City Council understood this, and, in tandem with Articulous, took the engagement to the community – where they walked, where they commuted and directly on their mobile phones.

They were overwhelmed with interest.

We worked with Council on their engagement strategy, ran community information days, and developed two mobile apps using 3D augmented reality to bring the vision to life.

More than 2000 people downloaded apps for the Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek priority development areas.

Red overlay over outdoor restaurant with Redland City Council logo in front with Toondah Harbour written underneath