NSW Flying Foxes

The challenge

Towns across the Hunter and Central Coast of NSW have the difficult task of deciding how to manage flying foxes.

In some towns, flying fox colonies have existed for many years in close proximity to residential areas. In other towns, colonies of flying foxes have appeared almost overnight.

Complicated by community fears and media myths, it’s not easy to gain community support for actions. Some will want more management control, others will want less.

Our action

Through a State Government grant, we worked with the Hunter and Central Coast Region Environment Management Scheme to develop a strategy and toolkit, specifically designed around engaging on flying foxes.

This involved academic research, review of national practices, and the development of a new frameworks and methodologies to support Councils. Councils across the region participated in workshops to develop innovative approaches to educating and engaging communities, and to build collaborative networks.

The outcome

A tailored approach to engaging about flying foxes. The framework integrates toolkits, principles, engagement strategies aligned to program stages, and explores a range of methods including a flying fox-specific online values-mapping tool.

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