Nobby Beach Urban Revitalisation Project

The City of Gold Coast appointed Articulous to develop a suite of interactive digital and engagement tools to seek community input on the proposed Nobby Beach Urban Revitalisation Project at a local street fiesta in 2019.

To capture the attention of festival goers, highly visual and interactive tools were required. Articulous developed an augmented reality immersive experience allowing the community to view future design images of the area via their smart device. It allows people to see future images of the area when holding a smart device up over the actual location.

Traditional engagement tools such as posters and fact sheets were also developed alongside visual conversation cubes allowing people to directly post their comments next to photos of the area on the cubes. A digital Look Book, accessible via iPad at the event and on the project website, was also developed.

The interactive tools succeeded in attracting a cross-section of the community, with hundreds of people providing comments.