Brand identity design


Articulous was engaged by GWI to create a brand strategy for their new subsidiary business known as The challenge was to create a subsidiary brand with a distinct company and culture, while linking the two businesses to support business development. The brand needed to have a unique feel to GWI and integrate well, while ensuring that it complement the business rather than dismantle it.  

Our action  

Articulous developed the full brand and launch for which included the brand name, essence and company values, mission and vision. Articulous crafted the tagline, logo, animated logo and full look and feel of the brand. Articulous wrote the website copy,  built the website ready for launch with all key messaging, launch event organisation and social media strategy.  


Articulous delivered a complete brand for which was integrated seamlessly with its parent company GWI. The brand reveal to staff received great praise and was warmly embraced by the client. Articulous successfully developed the website copy and built the website from scratch to be launched with key messaging, social media posts and strategy.