City of Port Phillip

The challenge

The Council Plan sets out Council’s vision for the City of Port Phillip and how it will respond to the opportunities and challenges the City faces over the next 10 years and beyond, including significant population growth, an increasing density of development, climate change and rapid technological change.  A long term focus is needed to ensure Council, together with the community, can respond to these challenges in a way that enhances Port Phillip as a place to live, work and visit.

The plan will set a 10 year direction, with a four year focus on the specific actions Council will undertake to work towards achieving the vision for the City.

The new longer term plan will integrate Council’s planning, budget and resource allocation process.  This will ensure strong alignment between Council priorities and strategies, and the services, programs and projects it delivers.

It is a plan for action on how we will deliver our shared vision for the future.

Our action

Working in an alliance with Max Hardy and Michelle Weston, we developed the engagement brand, including the logo, look and feel, positioning and messaging. We advised on the core engagement questions, and worked with Council and our colleagues on the program structure and methods that would tap into the diverse range of people who live in or love the City.

Then we rolled up our sleeves and ran a digital and online engagement program including a 15-minute visual survey and avatar program. And when more than a thousand responses were returned, we delved deep and analysed the responses for key trends, common themes and areas of diversity.

The outcome

An engagement process that inspired people to get involved in planning their future. People were excited and inspired about their role and their ability to have a proper say in Council’s decision-making.

More than 1200 online submissions proved widespread community interest, bolstered by our fabulous client hitting the streets to engage hard-to-reach groups in a way never done before. Hundreds more got involved at pop-ups and through deep-dive discussions.