Norfolk Island

Watawieh and thank you for hosting us on Norfolk Island.  

Many of you may have heard about us by now and we would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce ourselves to those we haven’t met.  

In 2022 we were independently approached by separate consultancy firms to assist with community and stakeholder engagement on Norfolk Island.  

Seeing the synergies between these projects, we saw a way to combine the engagement component to provide you, the residents of Norfolk Island with a chance to let us know what these projects mean to you, to your future and to the long-term future of your beautiful home. 

Already we have been privileged to hear inspiring stories from many of you and learn about your aspirations for the future and we can’t wait to learn more over the coming months.  

As independent engagement specialists, we strongly believe everyone has a voice and it is our job to make sure your voices are heard and understood. 

So, who are we and why were we asked to do engagement on Norfolk Island?  

Articulous is a respected independent community engagement specialist.  In fact, we are widely regarded as Australia’s most groundbreaking independent engagement consultancy having won international and national awards for our work in ensuring people are heard and understood.  

As engagement specialists we believe being responsive to what communities want and need helps decision makers to develop better projects, policies and programs.   

We are passionate about ensuring that our engagement work involves the people who are most affected by the decisions being made.  

We believe that by putting people at the centre of our work, we ensure that we reflect the diversity in any community, provide equitable access to everyone who wants and needs to participate, and provide the support they need to be heard.  

We are so committed to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion that we wrote the industry-standard training on the topic. 

Our commitment to Norfolk Islanders

As visitors to your Island, we give you our commitment to:

  • ^listen and talk to a wide range of people no matter your age or background
  • ^capture and record everyone’s stories, ideas, and suggestions to make the Island an even better place to live, work and visit.
  • ^accurately report these stories, ideas, and suggestions
  • ^build relationships so that positive results continue to build after we’ve gone.

Meet your team

If you see us on one of our trips to Norfolk Island, don’t be a stranger.  We’d love to meet you and hear your stories about what makes Norfolk Island a great place to live, work and play and what can be done to make it even better.

Emma, Bernard and Luke


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