Alice Sherring


Alice is a dynamic facilitator and innovative stakeholder engagement specialist, with more than a decade of experience training, facilitating and managing complex engagement processes in Australia and the USA.
Whether she is among a few participants or hundreds of stakeholders, Alice navigates tension with ease, grounding groups in shared output-driven objectives. She has expertly facilitated hundreds of participants in large forums as well as small, challenging and highly nuanced stakeholder negotiations.

Articulous trainer Alice Sherring delivers a range of IAP2 training programs in Australasia. Alice delivers Engagement Essentials, Engagement Methods, Engagement Design, Conflict in Engagement, Planning for Public Participation, Techniques for Public Participation and Public Participation for Decision Makers. Alice is a qualified planner so understands the needs of our specialist urban planning partners and our clients’ planning teams.

A licensed IAP2 trainer since 2012, Alice has delivered stakeholder engagement training to respond to different global contexts in Australia, New Zealand and in the USA. Training hundreds of practitioners from federal, state, metropolitan, county, and local government levels; across diverse sectors including health, education, community, non-profit, energy, mining, transportation, natural resources management, planning, environment and other.

An experienced project manager, Alice’s project work has been awarded IAP2 Core Value Awards. She has worked across land-use, social planning, transportation, policy, housing, homelessness and natural resource sectors across different cultural context in both Australia and in Portland, Oregon. With a background in strategic land-use planning, Alice developed a respect for stakeholder engagement in local government settings, leading an award-winning engagement program.