At its core, engagement is about involving others in decision making
to create better decisions, to innovate, or to foster better relationships.

When done properly, organisations can tap into the wisdom and understanding of their communities, staff and customers to:

  • Create innovation
  • Develop lasting change
  • Solve hard-to-solve problems
  • Create a new future for their organisations or their communities
  • Gain buy-in for change

Engaging can be difficult and sometimes confronting. Especially on projects that are controversial, complex or uncertain. Gaining the right input and feedback, or better still, buy-in, requires experience, strategic thinking and sensitive engagement with the community and stakeholders.

We practise in 3 key areas:

  1. Community engagement
  2. Employee engagement
  3. Customer engagement


Our staff are experienced in community engagement for resources, water, public policy, urban and regional planning, property, government, education, health and science.

This includes engaging the community for development and project approvals, new planning schemes, policy development, long-term visioning, and highly controversial projects.

Articulous provides community engagement for clients in Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

What We Do

Consulting Services

  • Engagement frameworks
  • Organisational development of engagement teams and processes
  • Engagement implementation including Community Reference Groups, stakeholder research, focus groups, community events, and complex engagement processes
  • Facilitation of internal and external engagement activities such as workshops, Enquiry by Design, meetings, CRGs and deliberative forums
  • Evaluation
  • Engagement strategies and processes


Articulous delivers public courses, tailored training and executive coaching in communications and engagement.

We have provided executive coaching to directors and partners of national firms and publicly-listed companies.

We provide hands-on skills, real-life case studies and multimedia to bring courses to life.


Discover our work. From property to energy, planning and health, we love the work we do. Over the past year, we've worked on:

  • Climate change adaptation along the NSW Coast for NSW Govt and Councils 
  • Reforming mental health services in Victoria and Emergency Services in South Australia
  • Launching Providence masterplanned community
  • Rebrands for iconic Qld B2B brands
  • Restructure of publicly-listed companies 
  • Christchurch City post-Earthquake rebuild
  • Developing mobile apps, video animations, 3D animations and more

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Sensitive engagement with communities on major changes, new projects or to effect behaviour change.

Employee Engagement

A bottom-up approach to engaging with staff to create organisational reform, to innovate and develop new products and services, or to create a new and more efficient ways of doing business.

Customer Engagement

Helping organisations to tap into customer sentiment, to adapt and innovate to meet customer needs, and to  become more Customer-centric.



on the best methodology


organisational leaders to understand what they want to see achieved through facilitation


activities that respond uniquely
to the group


groups to deliver
tangible results


relationships for positive results
after we're gone


independent reports and analyses
you can rely on

Articulous is a communications, engagement and training consultancy that operates in Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney, NSW, Melbourne, Victoria, Adelaide and New Zealand.

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