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Queenslanders: The State of Health

As our attention turns to State of Origin this week, the team and I have stopped to recognise the many amazing wins that the State of Queensland has championed. Our discussion sharply focused to what we do better than NSW.

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Project E

Here at Articulous we have been working on a very exciting start up project which promises to be a game-changer in the world of engagement and evaluation.

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Why a Sesame Street explanation of Empathy Should be at the Centre of your Community Engagement Practice

In community engagement, we talk a lot about collecting people’s ideas and feedback. We talk about the power of active listening. But, if you really believe in community and engaging at a deeper, more meaningful level, then empathy should be the key focus throughout your planning, strategising and most importantly-engagement activity.

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Why we should ban the word “Backflip”

"Backflip". It's become the ultimate criticism of Government, an easy, almost flippant attack wielded by media, oppositions and disaffected interested groups.

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Changing the Cycle of Negativity

There are times in most projects when participants can simply be tired. This can sometimes be referred to as a cycle of negativity.

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The Hidden Persuaders talk Pokemon Go App and why politicians just don’t listen – ABC Queensland – Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Feedback – The Crucial Final Step to any Engagement

Have you ever provided an opinion on a topic or contributed to a project and been unaware of what happened to the information?

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