Articulous Communications

Changing the way people think and act through communication and engagement

We’re a communications, engagement and training consultancy that operates nationally. We specialise in managing “complex projects”.

We communicate so our clients' stories can Be Seen. Be Heard. And Be Understood.

And we engage the community, employees and customers so our clients Can See. Can Hear. And Understand.

Only then can we change the way people think and act.

Our Senior Specialists

We are specialists at integrating the practices of communication and engagement to help our clients create relationships with the people who matter most to them. It’s a tailored fit, rather than an off-the-shelf solution that makes a real difference to the way organisations function.

Our Approach

We help clients to decide whether they need to communicate with, or involve others in decision-making to make real changes. We help businesses, not-for-profits, government agencies and multinational corporations bring together people to achieve outstanding outcomes on projects that really matter.

What We Do

We thrive on complex projects. The sort that threaten to delay or derail you. Or the ones with the greatest potential to make enormous differences to your business or society. Projects like:

  • Development approvals (DAs) 
  • Major issues or crises
  • Company restructures of repositioning
  • Government projects 
  • Master plans or planning schemes 
  • Driving innovation from staff, community or customers
  • Working with outraged community or action groups
  • Facilitating community or stakeholder forums where a workable vision or a tangible outcome must be developed

Our Portfolio

Discover our work. From property to energy, planning and health, we love the work we do. Over the past year, we've worked on:

  • Climate change adaptation along the NSW Coast for NSW Govt and Councils 
  • Improving mental health services in Victoria
  • Emergency Services reform in South Australia
  • Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area (award winner for PIA and UDIA in 2014)
  • Launching Providence masterplanned community
  • Rebrands for iconic Qld B2B brands
  • Innovation workshops for Qld Government agencies 
  • Restructure of publicly-listed companies 
  • Christchurch City post-Earthquake rebuild
  • Developing mobile apps, video animations, 3D animations

What We Do


Being seen, heard and understood takes more than effort, especially on challenging projects or problems. It takes courageous thinking, creative executive, and a commitment to cutting through to gain attention. We believe in balancing creativity with hard-edged business sense. Because standing out from the crowd isn't hard it just takes attitude.



Engagement flips communication on its head. It's about involving others in decision making by an organisation. It's about listening with intent. And engaging for a purpose.

Engaging with communities, staff and customers used to be a nice-to-have. Today, it's a must have!


speech-bubblesCommunication and Engagement

The crossover between communication and engagement is a unique space. It means tackling our clients' problems from both perspectives, and knowing when to focus on communicating out and when to engage.


We’re one of Australia’s leading agency in community engagement and communication training, delivering courses to around 500 people every year. We deliver International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) courses, and co-developed the Australasian Certificate of Engagement - the industry standard. We encourage clients to build staff capacity and embed it into everyday business practice.

front-digitalDigital Communication

Connecting with people can be difficult. Especially for complex projects, or where it's hard to get noticed by disinterested or fatigued communities, or with young people. That's why we're the only communications and engagement agency to truly embrace interactive technology. We've created augmented reality apps and animations for clients .

During 2015, Articulous:

People Trained
9 million
People Reached
17 million
Miles in the Air!

What Can We Do For You in 2016?

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