Sue Monk


Sue has more than 20 years’ experience as a communications and stakeholder engagement specialist. As a former media adviser to the British Chancellor, communications agency director, senior engineering communication consultant and journalist, Sue has a strong understanding of crisis communication, media relations, stakeholder engagement and cross agency training exercises.

Sue has developed a number of crisis communication toolkits for a range of industries including tourism, small business, medicine and banking and delivered numerous cross agency crisis workshops. She developed Australia’s first comprehensive online Small business disaster hub with tailored checklists, messaging, how-to videos and case studies covering nine different disaster scenarios for a range of business sectors.

Sue also developed Australia’s first Tourism Crisis Communication Toolkit for Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs), which is a finalist in the national EMPA Awards for Excellence in Emergency Communication. The project also involved delivering 10 cross agency crisis workshops with a range of government, community and business stakeholders across Queensland.

Adept at managing complex and contentious projects, she has worked across all levels of government as well as in the private and non-profit sectors. She has won several stakeholder engagement and communication awards for several high-profile clients and projects, including the engagement strategy for The Spit Master Plan, which brought consensus and a vision to a previously contentious area.