Renewable Energy

The challenge

The Queensland Government has committed to ensuring 50% of the state’s energy comes from renewable energy by 2030. The government needed to determine how to achieve that target, in a way that balances regional needs, community interests, environmental concerns and a fast-growing investment market in renewables.

A Renewable Energy Panel was appointed by the Government to

  • Investigate and report on the costs and benefits of adopting a target of 50% renewable energy in Queensland by 2030.
  • Determine how the adoption of a renewable energy target and other complementary polices can drive the development of a renewable energy economy for Queensland.

Our action

A 9-month engagement and communication strategy, including advice on core consultation questions to help guide discussions around:

  • Policy options
  • Funding
  • Impacts on the electricity system
  • Commercial and investment issues
  • Supporting economic development

Implementation included 2 state-wide roadshows. The first captured input from industry and community across key Queensland cities to help inform that development of a draft plan from an Independent.

Other actions included communication materials, education materials, advisory services, facilitation, online engagement, analysis and reporting.

The outcome

More than 2,000 submissions, and 15 forums across regional and urban Queensland which involved 620 people in detailed discussions on the opportunities and impacts of the policy, as well as potential pathways to reach a 50% renewable target within 13 years.

The expert panel’s Final Report was delivered to the Queensland Government on 30 November 2016. The Government is considering the recommendations and will determine a response in due course.

Queensland Renewable Energy Expert Panel logo which includes 4 circular graphics with a wind gust, water, plant and the sun depicted inside