Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce – Media Campaign

The Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce engaged Articulous to develop and deliver a co-operative media campaign that consisted of two individual campaigns, a headline campaign and a champion campaign, that would run parallel to each other over a period of 8 months.  

The aim of the media campaign was to build a more balanced narrative underpinned by strong messaging around what investment means for the region and to harness the support of local partners to reach the hearts and minds of the local community.  

Articulous designed and developed monthly infographics and blog posts for the headline campaign that showcased the importance of the $6 billion worth of pipeline projects planned for the region and the importance of investment in the Redlands Coast. These materials aimed to inform and educate the community using hard facts and punchy messaging about sustainable economic development in the Redlands Coast.  

Articulous worked with a Redlands Coast based videographer for the delivery of the champion campaign which consisted of a monthly video that used local people and local stories to empower the community to join the conversation about the region’s bright future and to champion the place they love to live, work and play in. Articulous was responsible for the key messaging, interview questions and storyboarding of the videos. 

Two infographics from the media campaign titled 'Health' and 'Education and Skills Development'.
Two infographics from the media campaign titled 'Tourism' and 'Sports'.
Social media infographic designs for Redlands Chamber of Commerce