Open Data Policy

Articulous developed and implemented the community and stakeholder engagement program for the development of the Queensland Government’s Open Data Policy.

This included the challenging task of synthesing and reporting on learnings. This was made more challenging because:

  • the engagement report would be used to inform the development of a policy that would impact across all government agencies and therefore needed to differentiate between the impacts on different data custodians
  • the report and its data would be subject to scrutiny from experts in data
  • there were tight deadlines to undertake the engagement and to report
  • the need to consolidate data across multiple sources and forums.

Articulous captured information from the forums electronically using live polling. This worked particularly well given the broad range of stakeholder representatives and the opportunity to elaborate on sensitive issues around open data access and management without being identified from a particular group.

Participants were able to identify key concerns or barriers, but were also offered the opportunity to discuss the findings as a group.

Articulous’ report helped to inform the next stage of the project which was to engage with industry representatives to identify actual open data sets that could be used to help grow business, social and economic opportunities across QLD.

Data charts on a computer monitor