Open Data, Open Conversations

The challenge

Articulous designed and delivered the Open Data, Open Conversations engagement program.

Open Data, Open Conversations was launched through an Open Data partnership between the Queensland Government and the ODI Australian Network to harness the priorities and needs of hundreds of Queenslanders to help shape an Open Data Policy that would deliver benefits for all sectors of the economy.

The Queensland Government did not have an Open Data policy, and widespread stakeholder engagement was critical to its development.

Our action

Open Data, Open Conversations sought to use hard data to support ‘human’ data to help shape an Open Data Policy that would make a real difference to industry, community and government.

The human data came from people in the field who used Open Data, or required use of Open Data to assist in delivering products or services across Queensland. The hard data looked at availability, access, and usability of data.

No other Australian state government had conducted public consultation to form an Open Data Policy before.

How it happened

Open Data is not an easy concept, therefore the campaign was designed in such a way that anyone could participate, whether they had knowledge of Open Data or not.

Input was sought from a variety of stakeholders across multiple industries. The tactics used meant people could choose to be deeply engaged, or provide input as required, regardless of their background or level of knowledge.

The outcome

A new Open Data Policy was developed and announced in September 2017. This is a policy that is changing the way people do their work, and contributing to improved service delivery across Queensland.

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