Community Safety Think Tank, Energy Queensland

The challenge

Energy Queensland engaged Articulous to design and facilitate a Community Safety Think Tank with internal and external stakeholders in February 2017.

Our action

Articulous designed an agenda for the Think Tank and facilitated the day working with a broad range of stakeholders to generate ideas to improve community safety.

Articulous was an independent facilitator that enabled Energy Queensland to gain a deeper
understanding of community behaviours by engaging with key stakeholders to generate ideas and improve community safety.

How it happened

Articulous designed and facilitated a day which provided a positive environment for ideas to be shared freely, discussed openly and captured in action plans that provided a platform on which Energy Queensland could build new strategies to foster ‘safe’ community behaviour around their infrastructure.

The Outcome

The Community Safety Think Tank provided an opportunity for Energy Queensland to better
understand community attitudes towards safety around Energy Queensland’s infrastructure through shared learnings and experiences.

It provided an opportunity for stakeholders to speak openly and to air potentially-difficult viewpoints allowing Energy Queensland to identify new ways to improve ‘safe’ community behaviour around their infrastructure.

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