Shoshanna Berry-Porter


Shoshanna is the latest Articulous team member. A passionate and highly creative marketing graduate, she has a varied skillset across marketing and communications including marketing planning and management, digital and social media, public relations, and brand management.

An integrated marketing communications superstar, Shoshanna views projects holistically to develop strong message strategies that tie together seamlessly. She has a flair for creating compelling brand narratives that resonate with audiences across platforms through text and design.

Before joining Articulous as a project officer in 2021, Shoshanna spent 8 years working in education. As a music teacher, she had the honour of working with students from rural and remote areas, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, disadvantaged backgrounds, and students with disabilities. This experience, along with her personable nature, gives Shoshanna the ability to deeply connect with others.

Shoshanna has also worked extensively as a voice over artist for numerous corporate and commercial projects. You might just recognise her voice! Most recently, she completed a 5-year contract as the voice for one of Australia’s leading text-to-speech services.

Since joining the team in late 2021, Shoshanna has worked across the Articulous portfolio, providing valuable support for fellow staff and clients, including the development and delivery of marketing and communication materials, data and reports, and stakeholder engagement.