Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Turning Employees into Your Best Asset

Employee engagement means more than having happy staff. 

It's about tapping into employees' knowledge to improve business operations, to innovate for greater competitive advantage, or to gain buy-in for culture change.

Employee engagement ranges from developing employees who are loyal and engaged, through to giving everyday staff the ability to make key business decisions and to take ownership for action plans.  

Engaged employees can take your business from good to extraordinary.

Teach or Tell

When to Use Employee Engagement

When staff morale is low

To introduce new company-wide processes

For innovation

Before introducing company restructures

To identify new ways to improve efficiencies

As part of annual strategic planning

To gain staff buy-in for marketing and communication programs

What We Do


We run innovation workshops and programs to improve: 

  • Business operations
  • Service delivery
  • Product development
  • Competitive advantage

Change Management

Our change management processes are focused on involving ordinary staff in decision-making processes around:

  • Culture change
  • Improving employee satisfaction
  • Employee loyalty programs
  • Integration and roll-out of restructures
  • Developing new systems and processes

Business Improvement

Instead of asking management to develop all the solutions, we run a series of workshops to help staff identify ways to improve business operations in the areas of

  • Operational systems
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing programs
  • Risk management
  • Cost savings
  • Market development

Articulous is a communications, engagement and training consultancy that operates in Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney, NSW, Melbourne, Victoria, Adelaide and New Zealand.

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