Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Connecting with the Community

Community and stakeholder engagement is about involving others in decisions that are made by an organisation. It's about listening with intent. And engaging for a purpose.

Engaging with communities used to be a nice-to-have. Today, it's a must have for governments, organisations using public funds, and many private sector companies whose work impacts on the community.

Today, communities and stakeholder groups expect to be engaged. And they expect a sophisticated process.

Articulous is a strong supporter of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) the world body for engagement. We believe engagement, if done well, can lead to better decisions, and more sustainable actions.


When to Use Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Our community and stakeholder work occurs across a broad range of industries and projects including:

  • Planning - planning schemes, master plans, regional planning, and community planning
  • Property - development, project design, project launches
  • Energy - pricing, regulatory requirements, infrastructure, network planning, consumer usage

  • Natural resources - water, flood mapping, mining, environmental resources
  • Wicked problems - climate change, social behavioural change, cultural change
  • Science & ICT - innovation, knowledge generation, commercialisation
  • Health - mental health, community health, aged care
  • Community services - aged care, social initiatives
  • And when projects are controversial, have angry action groups, or when the traditional approaches of communication don't work.

What We Do


We work collaboratively with clients on:

  • Strategies for controversial projects
  • Working in high emotion or outrage environments
  • Complex problems
  • Applying an independent, external perspective based on our unique experiences and inside knowledge from training hundreds of engagement professionals every year

On-The-Ground Engagement

Sometimes we are the faces and the facilitators on the frontline. We are experienced in: 

  • Organising engagement events (open houses, open spaces, deliberative forums, conferences & more)
  • Facilitating engagement forums with key stakeholders and community members
  • Developing engagement materials
  • Hosting discussions and roundtables
  • Recording and analysing community input and feedback into engagement reports that assist project teams
  • And anything and everything that needs to be done

Creative Engagement: Engagement Done Differently

Communities can get bored, fatigued and disinterested. That's why we believe in being creative. We've:

  • Created Australia's first Augmented Reality app for community engagement on a planning scheme
  • Co-designed innovations with users 
  • Live interactive mapping of policy ideas
  • Developed pop-up engagements using plasticine sculptures to record data
  • Run Queensland's first intergenerational forum for city planning
  • Produced videos and animations
  • Created motion sketches
  • Engaged young people at bar venues
  • Developed interactive images and graphics
  • and heaps more

Internal Engagement

Getting your own house in order makes it easier to engage internally. Plus, imagine the power of gaining staff input and buy-in. We've:

  • Run innovation workshops to improve efficiency
  • Engaged the highest executives through to entry-level staff
  • Produced catchy campaigns tapping into social media, video productions and more
  • Solved "impossible" problems
  • Empowered everyday staff to create action plans on major organisational reform and then take the lead on actioning those plans

Training & Capacity Building

We love training, running professional development programs, and coaching individuals. Our role is to inspire and uplift our clients through:

  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Collaborative workshopping
  • IAP2 training courses
  • Bespoke training for organisations and individuals
  • Processes and programs to embed engagement throughout organisations

Peer Review

Everyone needs help sometimes. That's why we have 2 types of peer review:

  • Professional Peer Review - reviewing strategies and programs to provide additional insights and ideas
  • Orange Chair Review process - we take on the role of the community or stakeholder member/s to review strategies, plans and materials to determine how to improve

Articulous is a communications, engagement and training consultancy that operates in Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney, NSW, Melbourne, Victoria, Adelaide and New Zealand.

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