Customer Engagement for Medium to Large Organisations

Customer Engagement for Medium to Large Organisations

Articulous Communications has developed a training course tailored specifically to the organisations who need to engage with their communities and customers.

The course explores the why, when and how to engage with communities based on actual engagement activities. 

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Course Content

  • What is bad customer engagement?
  • What does good customer engagement look like?
  • Understanding customers, their needs and wants
  • Exploring the customer journey
  • Mapping customer networks

  • Develop active listening by asking the right questions and listening for the right answers
  • Working on great communication skills and acknowledging bad ones
  • Creating great customer engagement
  • Real and relevant case studies
  • Practical, hands on sessions.

The one-day course has been developed using academic research, real case studies and organisation based research which reveals how organisations are using customer engagement tools today.

Our Trainers

The course is delivered by highly-experienced community and stakeholder engagement professionals, who are sought-after trainers.

Amanda NewberyAmanda Newbery, a licensed trainer in IAP2’s Certificate in Public Participation; Emotion and Outrage in Public Participation; Awareness in Public Participation; BEO and Cred courses. She is a multi-award winning engagement professional who practises nationwide.

Private / corporate in-house bookings are also available. 

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