IAP2 Australasia Certificate of Engagement

IAP2 Australasia Certificate of Engagement

The IAP2 Australasia Certificate of Engagement has been developed by three IAP2 trainers, including Amanda Newbery, in response to the engagement community’s request for an up-to-date, relevant and practical system which is responsive to the needs of clients and communities.

Registered IAP2 TrainerArticulous Communications’ Managing Director Amanda Newbery and Associate Director Nathan Williams are licensed and experienced IAP2 Australasia Trainers.


How to Complete Your IAP2 Certificate

The course begins with Engagement Essentials and offers an expanding number of electives to complete the Certificate. This allows for maximum flexibility in attendance and building a professional development program which suits the needs of many industries. Each module can be taken as a stand-alone module if you are a practitioner who wants to deepen your understanding in a single area.

To complete your Certificate of Engagement, you need to complete five course days. The highly-flexible attendance structure allows several paths through the course:


At the end of each module you will gain a Certificate of Attendance for that module.
When you have completed all five days of training you will gain your IAP2 Australasia Certificate.


Best of the Best Practices

Amanda Newbery was part of the core team of trainers who mined their years of experience and best-practice to develop this new course.

The course provides current methods and best-of-breed tools in a structured learning program to assist practitioners in planning effective community and stakeholder engagement strategies.

If you are interested in engaging with the community and your stakeholders and helping involve people in decision making, this is the course for you.

The course:

  • introduces core concepts of community and stakeholder engagement
  • explores the role of the community engagement professional in planning, developing, delivering and evaluating engagement programs
  • outlines designing engagement programs using the most relevant methods
  • examines effective models of practice including best-of-breed tools to make your engagement highly effective
  • presents methods for integrating evaluation processes into engagement planning
  • explains social media’s role in community engagement
  • explores the role of conflict in engagement and examines methods to manage and make the best use of conflict
  • provides a wealth of processes, tools and templates that can be applied from day one
  • is hands-on and reflective
  • and much more.

Custom Engagement Training for Your Business


Articulous’ Managing Director Amanda Newbery was a key figure in the development and production of the new Certificate. Amanda is on the judging panel of this year’s IAP2 Core Values Award.

She and Nathan Williams have both been licensed trainers with IAP2 International, delivering IAP2 Engagement Training for collectively fifteen years.

Articulous can custom-design a training to suit the needs of your business. This allows your professional services teams to openly discuss project issues without any risk of losing confidentiality - or exposing your IP to possible competitors.

We can run in-house training for groups of 9 – 25 people at your venue, or we can event-manage the entire training.

For more information please contact us.


What To Expect at Training

We run training at your workplace around Australia. All our training integrates the best multimedia principles in an interactive round-table format.

We love this formation because it's easier for you to join in discussion about the latest practices in Community Engagement and really investigate what works and what doesn't work!

You will leave every Articulous training with templates and materials to make your job easier, your tactics more engaging, and your results second-to-none.



The Modules

We invite existing professionals to enrol in specific modules to deepen their own practice.

Engagement Essentials - One Day

engagement-essentialsThis module is a compulsory pre-requisite for all other modules, and is for you if you want to:

  • understand core concepts of planning, designing and implementing successful stakeholder and community engagement processes
  • broaden your existing communications skills to include community and stakeholder engagement practice
  • understand your own role in the engagement process

Completing this module will assist with selecting further modules to complete the Certificate.

The module covers:

  • a unique Australasian model of community engagement
  • the core elements of effective engagement
  • the purpose of and triggers for engagement
  • the key components of mapping engagement, the roles and responsibilities of your organisation, the community and stakeholders using a new approach
  • analysing the community and stakeholder factors that shape engagement
  • the highly variable purposes of engagement and identifying the outcome you most want
  • emerging and contemporary engagement practice

Engagement Methods - Two Days

engagement-methodsThis module is for you if you want to:

  • introduce new methods to your practice of community engagement activities
  • understand emerging methods including online engagement
  • manage small group face-to-face engagement

The module builds on the core principles covered in the Engagement Essentials module and is closely related to the Engagement Design module. It provides a step-by-step process for effective engagement from design to delivery and evaluation. The core concepts covered include:

  • understanding the range of fundamental engagement methods, their best context and engagement purpose
  • how communications supports engagement
  • communicating technical information to a range of stakeholders
  • managing community conversations and enquiries face-to-face and online
  • small group engagement methods and in-training practice
  • the Methods Matrix - a unique and richly useful tool developed specifically for this course
  • the Methods Guide – a How To Guide for all the methods

You will gain hands-on experience in facilitating small group engagements and using the Methods Matrix and Guide.

Engagement Design - Two Days

engagement-designThis module is for you if you want to:

  • develop a more holistic understanding of community engagement from planning to evaluation
  • develop a clearer process for designing robust engagement programs
  • provide greater rigour to your existing engagement activities

The module builds on the core principles covered in the Engagement Essentials module and is closely related to the Engagement Methods module. The core concepts covered include:

  • further exploration of the purpose and context of engagement
  • identifying, reaching and activating relevant stakeholders and communities
  • selecting the right method for effective engagement
  • developing successful engagement programs from principles through to sequencing
  • developing a Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • developing effective schedules and sequences of engagement activities
  • evaluating the engagement, and strategies to modify the engagement when needed
  • integrating data from multiple and concurrent methods
  • creating a strategy to activate a disengaged community

You will learn the Design-Plan-Manage model of engagement and take part in practical exercises to develop your planning skills, using the assessment tools and generating appropriate responses.


Specialist Modules

Conflict in Engagement

This module is for you if you want to:circle-conflict

  • understand what triggers conflict and how to achieve mutual resolution
  • effectively deal with conflict online and face-to-face
  • develop personal resilience to cope better with high-stress situations

This module builds on the core principles covered in the Engagement Essentials, Engagement Design and Engagement Methods modules. You can take this as a stand-alone module or as part of the IAP2 Australasia Certificate of Engagement. The concepts covered include:

  • understanding and identifying the five contributors to conflict
  • your role as an engagement professional in a difficult situation
  • managing engagement in an environment of conflict
  • understanding conflict and how to use it to open communication
  • managing conflict “in the moment”
  • dealing with different personality types
  • developing personal resilience

You will experience a mix of theory and practical application focussing on human dynamics and methods to maintain your own composure in high pressure situations.

Online Engagement

circle-onlineThis module is for you if you want to:

  • understand how to conduct online engagement effectively and with minimal cost
  • quickly identify the most effective platforms and tools
  • integrate online engagement into your community and stakeholder engagement program

The module builds on the core principles covered in the Engagement Essentials module. Using academic and industry research and real case studies, this module has been tailored specifically to the community and stakeholder engagement profession. It covers:

  • when to use online engagement tools
  • the range of online engagement tools and platforms
  • the pros and cons of online engagement tools
  • choosing the best tool to fit your engagement purposes
  • integrating online engagement with your broader community and stakeholder engagement program
  • up-to-date statistics and data on online engagement
  • real and relevant case studies
  • overcoming the challenges of online engagement, including crisis management, reputational risks, anonymity, moderation and more.

You will develop confidence in communicating in the online space and build skills in quickly communicating appropriate messaging for various online channels.

circle-engagingBecoming an Engaging Organisation

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