IAP2 Australasia Advanced Certificate of Engagement

IAP2 Australasia Advanced Certificate of Engagement

Are you an experienced engagement practitioner?

Looking to advance your career?

Need recognition for your advanced skills?

Searching for new tools and strategies for challenging engagement projects?


Articulous is now able to offer the core module in the world’s first Advanced Engagement course. Strategies for Complex Engagement was recently developed in consultation with the industry by Articulous founder Amanda Newbery. This two-day program looks at strategies for complex, complicated and challenging engagement. This is a deep dive workshop designed especially for experienced practitioners, managers and seasoned professionals seeking new approaches.


Over two intensive days you will:

  • Use provided tools to analyse and diagnose a project that you bring to the table to share with your contemporaries via peer review
  • Work through a range of strategies to address your project with other advanced practitioners
  • Discover how to build successful engagement programs over the short, medium and long term
  • Integrate best practice via the latest academic findings and industry standards
  • Be part of setting a new standard for engagement professionals as they tackle ever-increasingly difficult projects
  • Look at strategies to deal with complexity and challenges stemming from the problem, implementation, the organisation or relationships with stakeholders and community. 

If you are interested in these issues and are an experienced practitioner who has completed either the IAP2 Australasia Certificate in Engagement OR the IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation PLUS Pathways to Advanced Engagement Practice, then Complex Engagement is for you!

Be amongst the first in the world to undertake the IAP2 Australasia Advanced Certificate of Engagement course.

Our Trainers

Amanda NewberyAmanda Newbery is a licensed trainer in IAP2’s Advanced Certificate of Engagement; Certificate in Public Participation; Emotion and Outrage in Public Participation; Awareness in Public Participation; BEO and Cred courses. In consultation with the industry she developed the Strategies for Complex Engagement course and is a multi-award winning engagement professional who practises nationwide.

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