Facilitation for Non-Facilitators

Facilitation for Non-facilitators

Do you need to develop basic facilitation skills for small groups or to assist with larger groups?

We have the training for you!

Articulous are Australia’s premiere engagement, communications and training consultancy and we have developed this new course due to industry demand.

This one-day program covers essential facilitation skills for the part-time or occasional facilitator. Over one intensive day we cover:

  • Defining facilitation
  • Role of the facilitator
  • What does good and bad facilitation look like
  • Communication essentials
  • Planning for facilitation
  • Cultural differences
  • Active listening
  •  Facilitation framework
  • Paraphrasing, reporting and documenting

This course is designed for:

  • Technical staff such as planners and engineers who are required
    to work with the public
  • Engagement or Comms team members who want to improve
    their basic facilitation skills
  • Team members who are called upon to assist facilitators at large events or workshops

Our Trainers

The course is delivered by highly-experienced community and stakeholder engagement professionals, who are sought-after trainers.

Amanda NewberyAmanda Newbery, a licensed trainer in IAP2’s Certificate in Public Participation; Emotion and Outrage in Public Participation; Awareness in Public Participation; BEO and Cred courses. She is a multi-award winning engagement professional who practises nationwide.
rob-gravestocksRob Gravestocks has more than 20 years’ experience in stakeholder and community engagement, public relations, strategic communications, marketing and training. He gained those skills having worked in both the private and not for profit sector. He also has significant experience in learning and development having worked with a number of institutions from TAFE to UNSW Global and the University of Sydney where he recently tutored and guest lectured.

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