Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation Training

Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation is a two-day course from the International Association for Public Participation.

The course is designed for people likely to face contentious projects, or likely to work with outraged stakeholders or groups. It will change the way you think and act when it comes to community engagement.

The two-day course will help to you to understand why stakeholders or community groups are likely to be angry, how to plan to minimise anger or outrage, and what to do when faced with angry groups or people.

The course will also provide you with strategies and skills to use from day 1.

You will discover:

– The 12 factors likely to cause outrage
– How to identify if your project or organisation is likely to face anger or outrage
– Six major strategies to manage outrage
– Another 50 minor strategies to manage outrage
– How to integrate outrage management with community engagement objectives.

The course draws on the research and practice of Outrage Management expert Dr Peter Sandman,  as well as the International Association for Public Participation.

Licensed trainer Amanda Newbery uses local and international video case studies in this interactive training program. She also draws on her experience as a crisis and issues specialist, an award-winning community engagement practitioner and a journalist. She has worked with the resources, property, energy, government, water and construction industries. Amanda is also a licensed trainer in IAP2′s Certificate of Public Participation.

This public course can also be delivered in-house for organisations.

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