Digital and Social Media Simplified for Business Leaders

Digital and Social Media Simplified for Business Leaders

Half-Day Introductory Workshop - Only $250 plus GST

Do your employees know more about digital media than you?

Do you struggle with using social media to support your business strategy and drive growth?

Is your knowledge of social media limited to your LinkedIn page?

Is augmented reality a concept you’ve only heard about since Pokemon Go?

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Course Content

It’s time to close the millennial gap and learn to implement great digital and social media campaigns as part of your business strategy.

Build the confidence to tell your story in ways that capture attention and can help grow your business.

Our half day training package is tailored for business leaders and executives. Hands-on, the course equips you with the skills to use social media from day one, and to be able to insightfully manage staff in a digital world.

It’s delivered by senior people who understand business drivers and how to use social media for tangible outcomes. And we’re experienced in working with business.

Learn how to:

  • Use social media the right way – understand who, what, where and how
  • Avoid classic pitfalls
  • Apply digital and social media strategically for your business

Practice a selection of tools and gain confidence to:

  • Tweet
  • Taking the perfect photo for social media
  • Create your own GIF, augmented reality and video
  • Write clever social media content to support your business strategy

Our Trainers

The course is delivered by highly-experienced community and stakeholder engagement professionals, who are sought-after trainers.

They include:

Amanda NewberyAmanda Newbery, a licensed trainer in IAP2’s Certificate in Public Participation; Emotion and Outrage in Public Participation; Awareness in Public Participation; BEO and Cred courses. She is a multi-award winning engagement professional who practises nationwide.
Emma-MayEmma has more than 10 years’ experience in stakeholder engagement, media relations, public relations and strategic communications. She gained those skills having worked in state government across a range of portfolios including housing, tourism, justice and property. 

Private / corporate in-house bookings are also available. 

Our intermediary workshop is coming soon and will continue you on the journey to:

  • Use data to drive social and digital strategy for your business
  • Develop the right strategies and content
  • Schedule your campaigns
  • Use analytics to build knowledge

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