Fast track to completing your IAP2 Certificate over two weeks!

Fast tracked engagement training for 2022’s challenges

Our fast track schedule means you can gain your full IAP2 Australasian Certificate of Engagement in March:

OR if you have already started your Certificate of Engagement training, you can sign up for any of the single courses.

The course will be delivered live using Zoom and other online collaboration tools. The maximum number of participants is 20. This makes sure you get the best possible student experience with our IAP2 Licensed Trainer, Alice Sherring.

Engagement Essentials is a prerequisite course, so you’ll need to complete this program first. At the end of the five days you will have attained the IAP2 Australasian Certificate of Engagement.

Who is this

course for?

The certificate is designed for anyone who needs to increase their engagement understanding and skills and apply them to their work. It is ideal for emerging practitioners or anyone involved in community engagement projects in:

  • government
  • utilities
  • education
  • not for profit sector
  • community organisations

Course details

Engagement Essentials

June 1

Learning objectives

  • Demonstrate understanding of the different uses of engagement
  • Explain the characteristics of successful engagement (community/stakeholder and organisational dynamic)
  • Design a simple community/stakeholder engagement activity, justifying decisions about why, when, and how to engage
  • Assess the community and stakeholder factors that shape engagement
  • Assess the core elements for effective engagement: context, people, scope, purpose and influence
  • Identify emerging engagement practice e.g. participatory budgeting or ‘gamification’
  • Identify their own role in engagement and their learning needs.

Engagement Methods

June 9 and 10

Learning objectives

  • Examine the key steps in selecting an appropriate method
  • Explore the aspects of design, question design and data analysis
  • Examine issues which arise in delivery and how to manage groups
  • Explore commonly-used engagement techniques
  • Communicate technical information in an accessible way.

Engagement Design

July 13 and 14

Learning objectives

  • Define the purpose and context for engagement
  • Interpret the needs and context of the organisation, stakeholder and community
  • Select and define the roles and influence of the organisation, stakeholders and communities on the decision, action and form of engagement
  • Design engagement approaches for a range of purposes and situations
  • Reach and activate community and organisational participation
  • Integrate monitoring and evaluation into the engagement plan and activities

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Our trainers

Amanda Newbery

Amanda is an international award-winning engagement and communications expert who has led multiple ground-breaking projects. Widely recognised for her ability to quickly understand attitudes, perceptions and markets, Amanda leads a team of senior professionals at Articulous, the award-winning company she founded. 

Amanda is a high-energy facilitator who can inspire innovation and deftly bring people to consensus. Her passion makes her a highly sought-after speaker.

Alice Sherring

With more than a decade of experience developing innovative stakeholder engagement strategies for complex projects, Alice is a highly sought-after facilitator, trainer and strategist.​

An experienced trainer, Alice is known for her ability to clearly articulate and explore complex concepts and problems with diverse groups. Alice has provided executive coaching services for managers and executives in Queensland.


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