What we do

At the Clean Gas Council, our mission is to make clean gas your priority. It’s really that simple. We’re here to give you the facts. Facts that will give you the confidence to make better choices. Facts that will bring us one step closer to achieving a net zero emissions future.

That’s it – nothing more, nothing less.

A clean gas future

Gas. It’s something we take for granted and don’t really pay too much attention to.

One of the world’s most commonly used resources, it’s always been there when we need it.

But what do we know about gas and the emissions from extraction, processing and transportation?

To answer these important questions, we first need to take a step back and realise not all gas is equal, as different fields and different transportation methods release varying emissions.  

And just as not all gas is equal, not all emissions reporting is consistent with the majority of showing the larger the producer, the more emissions they tend to have. However, there can be a large variation in the emissions intensity, which is how much pollution is produced per unit of energy.

Consistent measurement of emissions relating to the extraction, processing and transportation of gas enables reliable comparisons of progress towards a net zero future.

The transparent publishing of this information will allow for targeting of capital expenditure within the gas industry and lead to  better, more informed consumer choices.

If we can get more people to make the switch to clean gas, we’ll be able to reduce emissions even more.

And by reducing emissions, we’re one step closer to achieving the goal of a net zero emissions future.

What is clean gas and old gas?



Put simply, Clean Gas is net zero emissions gas and is the way of the future. From its extraction, processing and transportation, Clean Gas plays a key role in our energy transition to a net zero emissions future.


As its name suggest, Old Gas represents old ways of thinking. Old Gas and its continued use is acting as a barrier to reaching a net zero emissions future.

A Collective Conscience

Founded on a belief that we all have a responsibility to do something to support the energy transition, the Clean Gas Council is a member-driven organisation supported by some of the world’s leading gas producers and distributors as well as representatives of government, science, academia and consumer groups. 

Working together as one, members of the Clean Gas Council are putting aside any differences they have because the time to do something is now.  

Because with a net zero emissions future we can look forward to a better tomorrow.

A Commitment To Clarity

The Clean Gas Council is measuring emissions consistently to provide greater clarity to the industry and a new level of confidence for consumers.

And we’re going to use these standards to keep you informed through the regular publication of easy to read, open and honest facts about gas, its production.

As you can see, it’s really that simple.

A Better Way

After years of working for both producers and regulators, we know how frustrating it is to see decisions postponed because of shifting policy goalposts driven by what seem to be never-ending reviews by obscure working groups. 

The Clean Gas Council is here to provide a better way. A way that encourages better decision making through the publication of open and transparent data.

A way that gives credibility to the industry and confidence to consumers.

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