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Trumped by Social Media Memes – the Power of Commentary has Shifted

I love clever memes; I love how they can take a serious political outcome and turn it into a hearty belly laugh. They can lighten the mood in an instant and provide comic relief from what can be a seemingly endless flow of bad news. The power of commentary has shifted from mainstream media, to society in general. We choose what to write, share, take notice of, or ignore. We decide what matters on any scale. This is incredible power for ordinary people.

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Your organisation’s reputation is in freefall – but don’t hit the panic button just yet!

A stint of bad PR can happen to any organisation. You need to appease management, make staff feel appreciated, help get the business back on track and rebuild the trust of stakeholders - all within record time. It’s a lot to take in, but risk analysis and risk management can help you make the right decision for your organisation.

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The Perceived Influence of the Daily Newspaper not in Proportion with its Readership

The perceived influence of the daily newspaper is out of proportion with the volume of its readership and numbers are dropping. However some editors and journalists would still have you believe that they are the sole king and queen-makers in our modern society.

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