Australian Ginger Industry – Stakeholder and Media Engagement


The Challenge
When an agricultural industry, that contributes more than $100M to the Australian economy, comes under threat from diseased foreign imports, how do you make the Federal Government take notice and take action to protect a quality Australian product, regional industry and local jobs?

Our Action
We developed a stakeholder engagement and campaign strategy based on harnessing the best science. We worked with industry to implement a grass roots campaign to put pressure on local Members, while engaging with Ministers at Federal and State levels of government.

The Outcome
The Federal Minister for Agriculture directed a review be undertaken in response to the campaign. Ultimately, Fijian ginger imports were put on hold.

How it Happened
In late 2014, the local ginger industry was shocked to learn the Federal Government had given the green light to Fijian ginger imports. It was well known to local industry and agricultural researchers that the Fijian ginger industry had been plagued with a range of pests, including an especially destructive round worm (Radopholus Similis) that was destroying up to 70% of Fijian ginger crops.

Articulous helped this boutique Queensland industry to get the Federal Minister for Agriculture to take note and take action. Fijian ginger imports were put on hold to allow proven bio-security measures to be established to stop the devastating Fijian strain of burrowing nematode entering Australia.


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