Glenda Viner

Glenda is a communications and engagement professional with more than 25 years’ experience working with government agencies in health, transport, and housing as well as resources in the private sector. She has proven experience applying proactive stakeholder communication and engagement strategies to build and sustain an organisation’s social performance credentials and deliver business outcomes. A former Ministerial media advisor and head of engagement, Glenda is skilled in managing high-profile and highly complex projects and relationships.


  • Designed and delivered communications and engagement programs for high-profile and high-impact construction and infrastructure projects for the resource sector.
  • Implemented key strategies for national social reform initiatives - from internal communication plans through to the design and production of external creatives.
  • Developed marketing, communication and engagement strategies for large state government departments and agencies, providing specialist support to Directors-General, Ministerial offices and senior executives.
  • Managed the profile of Queensland’s most visible public space, South Bank Corporation through significant redevelopment projects and issues management.
  • Managed community issues relating to:
    • Construction impacts
    • Environment
    • Land access
    • Technical information


  • Developed and delivered stakeholder and community engagement strategies for Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) projects providing comprehensive assessments for sustainability and risk indices.
  • Led the development of Social Investment Management Plans (SIMPs) including the initiation of partnerships with local community groups and other service and program providers
  • Facilitated community engagement forums for private and non-for-profit sector forums
  • Developed two award-winning project and engagement plans which won the 2014 International Global Petroleum Economist for Corporate Social Responsibility and 2014 Royal Dutch Shell International Award for Stakeholder Engagement.