Changing the Way People Think and Act

What Needs to Change?

Typically our clients engage us because they want to change the way people think or act. They might want to change:

  • Their business approach to create better solutions to old problems
  • Perceptions of their company or project
  • Their reputation
  • Community understanding
  • Staff culture
  • Organisational thinking
  • Community behaviour
  • Awareness of their organisation
  • Their investment in communication / marketing / PR to be productive rather than just active (the difference between being well-known and being well-respected).


How We Do It

Courage: We tell the hard truth and have confidence that our work will improve and protect our clients’ brands, businesses and achievements.

Creativity: Creativity in strategy and execution helps set our clients apart.

Integrity: We act honesty and ethically.

Clarity: If you can’t be understood clearly and easily, then we haven’t done our job.

Ease: Our job is to make it easy for clients. We do this by employing senior specialists with an external, unbiased perspective who are skilled and fast.

What’s the Difference Between Communication and Engagement?

People often ask what the difference is. The answer is simple.

Communication is about connecting with people by sending them information. We believe you should do that boldly, creatively and with a strong focus. It's about selling a message or creating understanding. 

Engagement is about engaging the community, staff or customers in problem solving or decision making. It's focusing more on listening to what others need and then incorporating that into what you do - whether that's government policy, a private sector project, in your business operations or the products and services you offer. 

That crossover between communication and engagement is a unique space. It means tackling our clients' problems from both perspectives, and knowing when to focus on communicating out and when to engage.


We've used a blend of communication and engagement to:


Rebrand a company - by getting our clients' referral agents to help design our messages and channels

Design a new suburb - integrating traditional communications with a grassroots engagement project where community members help design a new project 

Prepare for disaster - by working with communities to help determine government planning schemes but also to determine the best way to run behaviour change programs

Transform cities - designing online platforms that stretch from statutory engagement periods through to sales and marketing

We understand this approach isn’t always possible or required. Yet taking the time (and it can be done quickly) to talk with rather than talk to, makes a huge difference to the results an organisation can achieve, both immediately and in the long-term.

Our Analysis and Planning Tools

Radar Analysis

identifies where clients should spend their time and money to gain the greatest benefit. It determines how complex a project will be and why.


Social Media Analysis

to identify who is talking and who is listening, and the tone of the conversation.

Training Programs

in communication and engagement to build staff capacity and confidence.

Change Tracker

to benchmark and monitor progress in making key changes to the way people think and act.

Innovation Catalyst Process

to kick start teams to develop new, creative and workable solutions to old problems.

Communication and Engagement Tool Matrix

to identify and assess the core tools to use to build the best result or environmental triggers.

IAP2’s Online & Digital Engagement Course

a digital engagement course delivered under the IAP2 banner, and delivered and owned by Articulous.

Articulous is a communications, engagement and training consultancy that operates in Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney, NSW, Melbourne, Victoria, Adelaide and New Zealand.

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